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Simplify attendee management

We know keeping track of your attendees is a hard thing, especially if they are numerous! This feature will allow you to move from spreadsheets to a more convenient solution that will take in charge registration forms and attendee event information, and will allow room for segmentation and automation.


An easier way to reach your audience

Email marketing is great! Instead of manual contact for every attendee, with, you’ll be able to choose a template, customize it, schedule it and send it to the right attendees in a personalized way. Be it to invite, to recall, to sum up, to send newsletters or any kind of communication, our software does it all.

amazing work
amazing work


Manage many events at once

This feature is a crucial part of our solution, as it allows you to create and manage many events in the same platform at the same time, then will provide you with the necessary multi-analytics if you want to compare what happened in your events. This is an easier way to have a big picture of what you do.

Event & personal agenda

Schedule everything in advance

With our drag-and-drop tool, automatically create your event agenda! You only have to predefine activities (breakfast, workshop, coffee break, gala …) and then place them in the right time-slot. This is the agenda you’ll share with your attendees so they can themselves create their personal event agenda.

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amazing work


Facilitate your attendee networking

The meetings feature is a tool to keep track of the interactions that will happen during the event. Be it one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many, we will enable your attendees to choose the people they want to meet. To avoid mass meeting requests, only free attendees for a time-slot will pop up.


Allow room for more interaction

We empower you and your attendees to create any kind of workshop (plenaries, debates, conferences …). As an organizer, you will be able to manage everything related to speaker sessions too. The exhibitors will also have the possibility to set a workshop and provide all necessary information about it.

amazing work
amazing work


Know who attended your event

The check-in feature is a great way to keep track of who attended or not in real time. This is very important as you’ll get a feedback of attendance and then send the necessary requests as cancelling a meeting or replacing a no-show for a workshop. This also helps with analytics about the event.


Get valuable event data

The dashboard is a friendly interface that will gather everything in one place and provide the necessary insights. It will provide the big picture of how your event is going in real time. This feature will also help you to enrich your analysis at the end of the event and will help you creating better events in the future.

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amazing work


Analyse what happens in your event

What a waste of time if you aren’t able to have a deeper look at all the event data you own! With our reports feature, you can filter data, segment it, mix multiple data types or come with any variation of data analysis you need. Make the most of your event data to maximize your event management efforts.


We can also manage logistics for you

The complexity of the accommodation task is that attendees will frequently change dates to come and to go and length of stay at hotels. With’s hotels and travel feature, you’ll easily handle the event-related travel and accommodation tasks within few clicks and focus on other activities.

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amazing work

Call for papers

List media paper, e-brochures, etc.

Both organizers and exhibitors will upload any kind of media paper they want including e-brochures, whitepapers, press files, ebooks, company presentations, etc. The media sharing is a great way to better inform about the exhibitors and the event in general. The download process is easy too.

Mobile apps

Your event in your smartphone

Along with the event website, having a dedicated mobile app with your event branding on it is a great way to inform and spread the word. Among others, an event mobile app can include its description, 2D/3D floorplans, all sorts of media to download, speakers’ and exhibitors’ profiles, check-in possibilities, etc.

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amazing work

Lead retrieval

Follow up with hot leads

Instead of exchanging business cards, let your attendees scan badges and automatically save leads. This mechanism can be used for any kind of event and makes networking even easier.’s lead retrieval feature allows room for smarter and faster lead generation activities for your attendees.

API integrations

Easily connect with software you use

We know it’s hard for you to stop using your software and migrate to a completely new solution. That’s why’s flexible platform will allow you to integrate any kind of software (Salesforce, Magento, Marketo, Hubspot …). Combine what you did with and your event will become hassle-free.

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amazing work

2D/3D floorplans

Define an indoor map for your event

The 2D/3D floorplans feature is an easy way to know where exhibitors will be located in the event (booths), then list all the attendees for this exhibitor, company information, media papers, contacts, etc. Its design is smartly presented and is visually easy to understand. It is also fantastic for the event mobile app.

Social media

Bank on the viral effect

Everybody knows it : you can exponentially improve the exposure of your event by sharing it on social media, but what about sharing what happens during the event? With, within a few clicks, share everything and make your event go viral and reach even more people than those that physically attend.

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Get detailed feedback about your event

Surveys are valuable to receive detailed feedback once the event ends. With, prepare all kinds of online surveys (yes/no, multiple choice, rank order, rating scale …). Pre-create the questions, share them with your attendees and get the necessary insights for your next events.

amazing work
amazing work


Present your event in the best way

Having a website where people can get informed on the event or register is a must. Let the world know who you are, why they should attend, and how the event will expand their knowledge on a specific subject. You need a showcase website? We can handle this for you too.


Spread the word about your event can take in charge your marketing activities too, be it social media, email marketing, affiliation, google ads, or any other form of digital marketing. The great thing about e-advertising is its cost compared with other channels, the viral effect and especially the ROI (return on investment).

amazing work
amazing work


Bring a touch of beauty to your event

We have a dedicated event team for any kind of presentations; including infographics, motion designs, cartoon videos, whiteboards, e-brochures, etc. We will bring your event to life through vivid colors and visually beautiful designs. Don’t miss this chance to spark your attendees interest.